Welcome to Eduplay - Home of the finest bilingual Educational software in South Africa
At Eduplay we are passionate about making a positive difference in your child's education. We have developed a comprehensive range of educational games and learning support tools including the popular Big Boet series. Eduplay's products are user friendly, fun to use and cater for children from pre-school to grade 12 in both Afrikaans and English. We know that parents and teachers find it difficult to identify good educational software -- software that they find educationally valuable and that their children enjoy using. Eduplay's range of educational products was created to address exactly that need, and offers the greatest and most cost effective suite of educational software, making it invaluable in helping your children meet the challenges of tomorrow!
Main Features and Skills developed
Improves concentration
Helps to build self-confidence
Reading Skills
Math Skills
Spelling Skills
Logical reasoning Skills
Improves Memory Skills
Develops Creativity Skills
Printable Progress report
Multiple levels of difficulty
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