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Welcome to Eduplay

At Eduplay we are passionate about making a positive difference in your child's education. We have developed a comprehensive range of educational games and learning support software including the popular Big Boet and A+ series. Eduplay's products are user friendly, fun to use and cater for children from pre-school to grade 12 in both Afrikaans and English


We have many combo deals where you will save a whole lot of cash compared to buying the single titles 


  • 20 Individual educational packages combined in 1 suite.
  • Thousands of hours of educational material.
  • Bilingual (Afrikaans & English)
  • Hassle free installation and registration. One registration unlocks all 20 products at once.
  • Suitable for schools and home users.
  • Covers pre-school to grade 12
  • Huge savings


  • Tablet comes pre-installed and registered with Eduplay apps
  • Pre-installed apps to the value of R1500
  • Bilingual (Afrikaans & English)
  • Pre-school, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5
  • Develops Math, Reading, Spelling, Memory and Thinking skills
  • Suitable for ages 5-12

123 SLIM! Afrikaanse sagteware

  • 15 Individuele opvoedkundige programme saamgevat in 1 pakket
  • 200+ vaardigheid ontwikkelings areas vanaf kleuter tot graad 7
  • Duisende oefeninge in ’n speletjies formaat
  • Massiewe databasis van inhoud met ewekansige vrae
  • Self assessering met onmiddellike resultate
  • Positiewe terugvoering en instruksie klankbane
  • Aanpasbare leerstelsel - verhoog of verlaag outomaties die moeilikheid vlak
  • Pret om te leer met kleurvolle grafika en kreatiewe oefeninge
  • Alle speletjies en oefeninge is in Afrikaans
  • Ontwerp om kindervriendelik en logies te wees


  • 6 Individual Educational packages combined in 1 combo deal
  • A+ Math (vol 1 & 2) - Math activities and games for Grade 1-7
  • A+ Spelling (vol 1 & 2) - Spelling games and tests for Grade 1-7
  • A+ Reading (vol 1 & 2) - Reading activities & games for Grade 1-7
  • Develops the key learning skills
  • Caters for Grade 1 learners up to Grade 7
  • All content available in Afrikaans & English
  • All activities have 3 levels of difficulty
  • Printable progress report and analysis chart
  • Database support up to 1000 learners

123 SMART! English version

  • 15 Individual educational programs combined in 1 package
  • 200+ learning skills development areas from pre-school – Grd 7
  • Thousands of exercises in a game-like environment
  • Huge database of content with randomized questions
  • Self-assessment and immediate results
  • Positive feedback and instructional sound tracks
  • Adaptable learning system increase/decrease the difficulty level
  • Fun to learn with vibrant graphics and creative exercises
  • Parents or teachers can monitor the progress of the learner
  • Designed to be kids-friendly and logical