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The installation CD should automatically open/run when you insert the CD into your CD-ROM/DVD-drive. Once the installation has started, just follow the on-screen instructions and keep all settings and installation folders on default for maximum compatibility.
In order for the program to install and register correctly, you need to be logged-in as an administrator user.

If you encounter any problems with the installation of the program at any point, check if your computer's specs meet the minimum system requirements.

The typical minimum system requirements:
· 1.2 Ghz CPU (Celeron).
· 1 GB RAM memory.
· 1 GB free hard drive space.
· Display with 800x600 pixels @ 16-bit colour.
· 16-bit sound card and speakers/earphones.
· Mouse and keyboard.
· Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 10.

If you have done all the checks above and your computer meets all the requirements, then read the following to see if your problem appears in the list below.

1. When the CD is inserted into the CD-ROM drive, nothing happens

It could be that your computer is set to do nothing when a data CD is inserted. You can however run the installation manually from the CD.

Do the following to run the installation manually:

  • Right-click on your START button at the bottom of your display (on the taskbar).
  • Left-click on the Explore option.
  • The windows explorer panel will then open up (it may take a while on some computers).
  • Look for the My Computer or just Computer entry in the left pane of the window.
  • Left-click on the My Computer or Computer text/icon.
  • All drives (hard drives, CD-ROM, DVD and removable drives) will be displayed in the right-hand side of the panel.
  • Look for the CD-ROM/DVD drive where the CD is located. The description of the CD will also appear underneath the drive in the panel.
  • Double-click on the CD-ROM drive icon.
  • The contents of the CD will be displayed on the right-hand side of the panel.
  • Look for the file named: INSTALL.EXE (sometimes it will appear only as INSTALL).
  • Double-click on the INSTALL file to open it.

2. During installation, the installer only installs to a certain percentage no matter how long you wait

It could be a damaged/faulty CD or a Windows related problem. To verify that it is a damaged CD, install on a different computer. If the problem occurs on the second PC, then the likelihood is good that the CD is damaged/faulty.
If it is a damaged CD, please send us an e-mail with a description of the problem, your postal details as well as your product code (on the CD) and we will gladly replace your CD for you. See the contact details on the Contact Us page.

3. You get an error message during installation

Test on a second computer to make sure the problem is not with your system. It would be advisable to contact one of our technicians about this problem, as an error message can tell the technician where the problem is. See the contact details on the Contact Us page.

For any other problems not listed in this document, please contact us during office hours and we will gladly assist you. See the contact details on the Contact Us page.