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The primary registration system is an automatic SMS response system that is hosted by our network service provider. In order for the system to respond with the correct UNLOCK CODE that is needed to finalise the registration process, you must follow the correct REGISTRATION PROCEDURE as explained in the instruction leaflet supplied together with the installation CD. Please READ the instructions carefully before you send the SMS.

1. You did not receive a response from the SMS server

Make sure that you have sent the message to the correct number, the following numbers are                      valid:
The first installation:
0828280932 or +27828280932
2nd and 3rd installations:
36929 (All networks)
0840036929 (Cell C and Virgin Mobile only)
From the 4th installation and for brain teaser games:
39009 (All Networks)
0840039009 (Cell C and Virgin Mobile only)

If you have a pre-paid phone, make sure there is enough airtime to send the registration code to the premium rated SMS number.
Under normal circumstances, you should receive a response within 20 seconds. The response time could be affected by high network traffic, network connectivity problems and other delays caused by technical problems. Be aware that this is a machine-based system and we do not guarantee a 100% uptime.
Do not send your message again within a 1 hour period, your initial message might just be delayed. If you do not receive a reply within an hour from sending, you can alternatively send the code via e-mail. The format of your e-mail must be as follows:

Mail To:
Subject: The 15/18-digit code in step 2 of the registration procedure that you need to send with your phone (not the product code)
Message Body: Do not write any message

2. You received an SMS back that reads "You have send the wrong code..." or "The code you send is invalid..."

The problem is that you have either send the 12 digit code on the Product Code sticker or you have not send the correct 15/18 digits as indicated on your computer screen. Note that the code on your computer screen in step 2 of the registration is NOT the same as on the Product Code sticker.

3. If you enter the Unlock code in the space provided you get a message that reads "Invalid Unlock code..."

If it is not the first time you are installing the program, it could be that you are trying to enter an unlock code that was previously send to you or someone else. Each installation will require it's own UNLOCK CODE and cannot be used on a different computer or a later installation. The solution is to SMS the 15/18-digit code that appears on your computer screen during step 2 of the registration process to 36929 in order to receive a new UNLOCK CODE. Make sure the 15/18 -digit code matches the one that appears on your screen, otherwise it will not work