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1. Music is too loud - cannot hear voice instructions

To set the music's volume separately do the following: (Only for Windows 98 - XP running Big Boet Volume 1 software).

  • While in the program, go to the language selection page (Afrikaans / English).
  • On the language page, there should be a musical note sign in the top-left, top-right or bottom-left corner of your display.
  • Click on the musical note sign - a volume control panel will open up with several volume sliders.
  • Each volume slider represents a different channel on your sound card.
  • Find the slider with the name "SW SYNTH", "MIDI" or "SYNTH".
  • Adjust that slider to about 5-10% of its full range.
  • Now adjust the "WAVE" slider to 100%
  • Close the volume control panel (top right cross).

2. No music or sound

  • First of all, check that your speakers or earphones are plugged in and switched on.
  • Now check the volume control panel as explained above. Make sure that the particular channels are not muted or disabled.
  • If you are able to play other sound files on your computer (mp3, wav, etc.) and there is still no sound in the program, it could be due to MCI drivers that is not installed on your computer or that it is corrupt. If this is the case, re-install your sound-drivers or consult a computer technician.

3. You get an error message that reads something like "No MCI devices installed"

Your computer's sound card driver is not installed properly or the MCI device driver for MIDI music is not installed at all. MCI stands for Media Control Interface. If re-installing your sound card's driver does not work, re-installing Windows will most definitely fix the problem.